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Will Hosting Two Book Clubs Snow Me Under?

  I’m not looking out the window. I don’t see anything white happening. I’m thinking about book clubs. Yes, book clubs. I’m thinking realistically, how many book clubs can I keep going at the same time?

  I’ve been snowed in for three days. The power went out twice this morning. The guy I’m infatuated with has grown tired of me. My brother thinks I’m selling his son marijuana. I’ve exhausted myself volunteering weekends in the Christmas tree lot for AIDS. Ah, life is the usual bungle of misunderstandings.

  Don’t look out the window. I know perfectly well what’s happening out there. The stuff Christmas carols are made of. Let it snow, let it snow, let it… I’m dreaming of a white… no! Someone make it stop. It’s ruining everything.

  I’m working up a fine depression for Christmas, and it doesn’t help that I’ve got cabin fever. Let me out of this house! The world is silent, cold and white, and rapidly growing whiter. Half my Christmas presents are locked in the bookstore on the snow-closed campus, inaccessible for tonight’s family opening, assuming I can get there.

And in exactly two weeks, I’ll be at Dunshee House welcoming new members to the first meeting of my second reading group, the Seattle Gay and Lesbian Book Club. Yike! Already? Nick’s Book Club at University Book Store wasn’t enough? If my college intern, Grant, actually gets those news releases out, we may get some press and who knows whether there’ll be six members, sixteen members, or sixty? Time to start reviewing the first book. I’ve got to keep a conversation going about Breakfast with Scot over four hour-and-a-half meetings.

  To complicate matters, Keep Posted just notified me that Grant shorted the book club poster run by 64 posters. Turns out the printer jammed and Grant didn’t notice. My technologically-challenged college intern apologizes profusely, snowbound in San Francisco. The book club news releases were supposed to go out next week. To top that off nicely, I’ve just found out that I’m being considered for a playwrighting commission where the play would need to be finished by May. Something may have to give.

It may have to be this blog. It takes the most time and pays less than the national minimum wage. No matter how much I enjoy chatting about books and passing along tips and thinking about reading, this may be the only notch on the belt that can be loosened.

Well, before I start amputating, I’ve got to try to do it all. I need to remember how to be the hero of my own life, and achieve what needs to be done. I’ve got a pile of advances marked February, and I need to sit down with them until I find my next book. I need to trust that my family will understand why some of them have presents and some do not. I need to remember that I was happy before I met the guy I’m losing, and that I’ll be happy again. I need to not go snow crazy. Rain is coming. Warm, wet, snow-melting rain! It’s just around the corner. It’s supposed to be raining by Saturday…

  Yes, but what’s that white stuff falling out of the sky? No! No more! I thought it was over. It was supposed to stop, wasn’t it? It was supposed to melt and go away. Not another snowstorm…



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Nick DiMartino is a university bookseller in Seattle, WA. He was a Booklist contributor from 2007 to 2009 and is the author of Seattle Ghost Story (1998) as well as numerous plays.

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