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The Gospel According to James Frey

It’s the holiday season, and James Frey (Bright Shiny Morning, 2008) is the gift that keeps on giving. From The Guardian, and the headline says it all: “James Frey to write ‘third book of the Bible’.”

James Frey is moving on from his drugs and booze-soaked memoirs to write the third book of the Bible, in which his version of Jesus will perform gay marriages.

Actually, having gotten over the incongruity of it all, I have to say that I can’t fault the concept of the book (“My idea of what the Messiah would be like if he were walking the streets of New York today”). After all, Frey would be far from the first to muse on the personality of Jesus. Alison Flood, who wrote the article, mentions a couple of similar, recent works, including Michel Faber’s The Fire Gospel, which has an awfully earthy Jesus.

And, grudgingly, I have to admit that I admire Frey’s artistic fearlessness. Though I do wonder if, now that he’s been permanently cast as publishing’s black sheep, he’s just embracing the role and trying to piss off as many people as possible. (Just read the last line of the Guardian article.) And, by that standard, the Gospel According to James Frey looks very promising indeed.



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