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The Statistics about Lying Do Not Lie

This just in: men and women lie about they read. (Men, naturally, are twice as likely to do so.) But there’s a perfectly good reason for it: reading the right stuff helps you succeed with the opposite sex. (Which is why men . . . never mind.) A survey conducted by England’s National Year of Reading has all sorts of fascinating information.

Almost one in five adults (18 per cent) would read whilst waiting for their date to arrive in the hope of making a good first impression

Men are twice as likely as women to read poetry or Heat magazine to impress a potential partner

Almost half (47%) of teens drop it into conversation and a quarter (24%) of teens  back that up with evidence by leaving their reading material visible in their bag

A quarter (26 per cent) of adults use reading to clinch the deal with a prospective lover in the bedroom by strategically leaving evidence of reading material they’ve talked about during the date by the bed

Visit their site to learn the top 10 reads to impress a man, woman, teenage guy, and teenage girl. But if you’re one of those people who gets agita at the thought that young people might prefer screens to pages, don’t read the teenage lists.

Bear in mind that this highly scholarly research has not been conducted in the U.S. (at least, not to my knowledge), so you’ll have to translate some of the Briticisms. Change “whilst” to “while,” the Financial Times to the Wall Street Journal, Heat to In Touch, “cookery books” to “cookbooks,” “poetry” to “thriller,” and so on.



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