Free Audiobook: The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

While this isn’t technically an audiobook, podcasts are a great way to find audio content, and often feature great literature. The New Yorker Magazine provides a fantastic service with its monthly fiction podcast. Here’s the scoop from their website:

A. M. Homes reads Shirley Jackson’s short story “The Lottery,” and discusses it with The New Yorker’s fiction editor, Deborah Treisman.
Listen to the mp3 on the player above, or right-click here to download. “The Lottery” was published in the June 26, 1948, issue of The New Yorker, and is collected in the book “The Lottery and Other Stories,” with an introduction by Homes.
Each month, our fiction podcast features a story from the New Yorker archives chosen by a contributor. This and other podcasts are also available through iTunes, or through our Feeds page.

If you are a teacher who includes The Lottery in your classroom, be sure to download this podcast to enhance the classroom discussion with the expert background commentary and analysis. Adding a “listen-aloud” of the short story to your lesson plans, whether in full or as an introductory teaser, will hook all students, especially auditory learners. Take a look at the stories recently featured for more great listening!



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