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Audiobook discussion list

Audiobook expert Pam Spencer Holley, the amazing woman who spearheaded the Odyssey Award Task Force and the chair of this year’s Odyssey Award for Excellence in Audiobook Production, sent me information about an audiobook discussion list that I didn’t know about. So of course, I immediately subscribed! Thanks, Pam! Here’s more information…

AUDIOBOOKS is a discussion list for everyone who writes, publishes, narrates, sells, rents, buys or listens to audiobooks and all other forms of spoken word audio.
Formerly owned and operated by the Audio Publishers Association, it is now owned and managed by Audio Diversions, a pioneering online reseller and renter of audiobooks, now based in Falls Church, Virginia.
Subscribers are invited to freely discuss audiobooks they are reading or have read; narrators they liked or didn’t; new trends in publishing, narrating or performing for audiobooks; changes in the technollogy of producing, selling or listening to audiobooks or anything else men and women in the audiobook world might find of interest.

Interested? To subscribe to the list, click here:



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Mary Burkey is an independent library consultant in Columbus (OH). An enthusiastic audiophile, she has served on all four of ALA's audiobook award committees as well as the Audies. In addition to writing the "Voices in My Head" column for Booklist, she is the author of Audiobooks for Youth: A Practical Guide to Sound Literature (ALA, 2013). Follow her on Twitter at @mburkey.

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  1.' jbchetney says:

    In listening to non-fiction audiobooks, I miss being able to see a table of contents or visually scan a chapter. Is there a service which has text as well as audio available online? I don’t need to print it, just be able to refer to it from time to time.

  2. Mary says:

    You might want to take a look at the post on Text Synchronized Audiobooks – this is a feature that I am sure we will see expanded in the future!

  3.' John says:

    I actually prefer reading a hard copy book. The feeling of the paper between my fingers, the allowance to take a break. These are the reasons why I prefer the old way.

    I do however, love to listen to audio books in the car with my family. I got through the entire Harry potter series driving back and forth to visit family.

    They both have their advantages and dis-advantages.

    Thanks it was a good read.

  4. Mary says:

    I often use Amazon’s “Search Inside” feature when I want to see the text of an audiobook!

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