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Podiobooks: Free, Serialized Audiobooks

What’s a Podiobook? Think of it as a 21st-century version of Dickens’s serialized novels – for free. Tech-savvy writers have by-passed print publishing entirely, posting chapter-by-chapter audio versions of their books online. There’s a wide range of literary quality & audio production in the over 250 titles available for download. GoodReads has selected 50 top free audiobook downloads and is hosting a “Best Free Audiobook” list, with votes cast by listeners. Stop by and see if any of the titles pique your interest. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a hidden jewel, such as Scott Sigler’s title Infection, a top podiobook free download before being released as a print title followed by Contagious, available both as a podibook and as a print title that received a Booklist starred review. Find out more in this New York Times article by Andrew Adam Newman about Stigler & podiobooks.

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Mary Burkey is a National Board Certified teacher-librarian in the Olentangy School District in Columbus, Ohio. Follow her on Twitter at @mburkey.

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  1.' Evo Terra says:

    Thanks for posting this link, Mary. I discovered the list yesterday and am please how many people are engaged. Though I shouldn’t be, as many of the authors represented are quite good at mobilizing their fan base. :)

    Most surprising… I don’t know quite a few of the books! Time to hunt for more content, I guess.


  2. Mary says:

    I’m flattered that the man behind Podibooks stopped by to visit, Evo! Thanks for bringing the great free content to all of us audiobook addicts!


  3.' Jeanette Larson says:

    Mary–I understand podiobooks but I’m not following the GoodReads. Where do we find the free audiobook downloads listed there? Thanks.

  4. Mary says:

    Jeanette, the GoodReads list titles are all available on the Podibooks website, and then Podibook listeners vote for their favorites on the GoodReads website. Sorry I was confusing!


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