Marse Wins the Cervantes

The Cervantes winner was announced over the holiday weekend. The prize (worth over $150,000), went to Juan Marse, an author far more popular in Spanish-speaking parts of the world. Marse’s English translator, Nick Caistor, had this to say: 

“He was fashionable in the 70s when he was translated quite a bit … but then he fell out of favour in translation,” he said. “…In the UK and US, because he writes so infrequently, he has not built up a head of steam,” Caistor said. “He writes very, very slowly, only one novel every 10 years, and you can see he rewrites everything over and over again. He starts from reality, then as he rewrites his imagination takes over more and more, and in the process his language becomes more and more powerful – layer upon layer of imagery.” From The Guardian

You can learn more about Marse’s win here.



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