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And the Plaster Foot Goes To…

What could be better than winning the Bad Sex in Fiction Award? How about an award for an entire career of bad sex in fiction? John Updike was awarded the Lifetime Achievement award for four consecutive nominations, including this year’s The Widows of Eastwick. He was not present to accept his award.

Rachel Johnson won this year’s plaster foot for her work in Shire Hell. Unlike Updike, she accepted the award with a smile:

“I’m not feeling remotely grumpy about it. I know that men with literary reputations to polish might find it insulting,” she said, “but if you’ve had a book published in the year any attention is welcome, even if it’s slightly dubious attention of this sort.”(From The Guardian)

Next time her mom gets on her case for not being more like her brother, she’ll have some artillery to fire back with.  



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  1. Keir says:

    Updike aside, this is really an upset. Compared to Russell Banks and Paulo Coelho, Johnson is practically an unknown. Good for her!

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