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Joyce Carol Oates Just Loves to Write

Robert L. Pincus of the San Diego Union-Tribune has a good question for Joyce Carol Oates (“Joyce Carol Oates on productivity: ‘I love to write’“). Regarding her 54 novels, 31 short-story collections, and sundry other publications, he asks, “Just how does she do it?”

But Oates, who can go into great detail at great length at the drop of a hat, isn’t baring her soul just yet:

“I love to write,” she stated. “It’s a fascinating experience to deal with language and to tell stories involving people who are, for me at least, fascinating.” . . . I don’t truly think of myself as a ‘workaholic’ – in fact, I don’t work nearly as much as I would like to.”

Maybe it would be easier for her to tell us in a book.

When you’re done pondering the nature of Oates’ productivity, read Donna Seaman’s review of the latest example of it, My Sister, My Love.



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