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First W.'s Job–and Now O.'s?

Writing in the New York Times, Motoko Rich asks, “For Books, Is Obama the New Oprah?” If he is, he’d better get more specific or he’s going to drive everyone crazy.

When President-elect Barack Obama appeared on “60 Minutes” on CBS on Sunday in his first interview since winning the election, he mentioned having read “a new book out about F .D. R.’s first 100 days” without specifically naming a title or author.

That tantalizing reference set off a scramble for the claim to First Reader rights all day Monday before a spokesman for Mr. Obama disclosed what the president-elect had actually read.

For the record, the book Obama was referring to was actually two books: Jonathan Alter’s The Defining Moment: FDR’s Hundred Days and the Triumph of Hope and Jean Edward Smith’s FDR.



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