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Socialite Sues Sneaky Sis for Spurious Self-Aggrandizement

The New York Post (“Sis Family Feud’s One for Books,” by Bruce Golding) reports on a literary lawsuit where the facts may be more entertaining than the fiction. The author of the soon-to-be-published novel Hedge Fund Wives makes some serious claims about her sibling’s claims to her creativity:

Writer Tatiana Boncompagni Hoover claims in court papers that her sneaky sibling stole the work-in-progress from her computer, then secretly copyrighted it as “co-author.”

Hoover also alleges that her older sister, former Wall Streeter Natasha Boncompagni, set up an unauthorized Web site where she fraudulently takes top billing for the tome.

(The Post, ever the high-road traveler, calls it a “literary catfight.”) You can still see the cached version of the sued sister’s site where she claims credit as coauthor.

To quote the immortal Kent Brockman: “Argle-bargle or foofaraw?”



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