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A little biblio-libation never hurt anyone

Over at the Book Examiner, they’re taking their reading and drinking very seriously. Face it, people will always eat and drink while they read. And what better way to start a conversation at a party or a bar than to start talking about books?

Someone’s taking a pull off a pint o’ Guinness? Ask if he’s read Ulysses by James Joyce or a biography of Sid Vicious.

The lady will have a gin and tonic? Maybe she’s also had a few pages of The Great Gatsby or Julie and Julia.

Attending a wine tasting? Over a malbec why not ask the sommelier if she’s sampled any Jorge Luis Borges?

Pouring vodka at the end of a tough day for the colleagues? No question, break out the deep discussions on Tolstoy and Nabokov.

The pairing possibilities are endless. Could give rise to a whole new profession bibmelier or mixbrarian.



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