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Blue Pills

A Positive Love Story Cover
Blue Pills: a positive love story is a memoir by Swiss comic artist Frederik Peeters. Frederik tells the story about how he meets the love of his life, Cati, years before at a party. She was vivacious, full of life, and beautiful. But it wasn’t until years later, after she married, had a child, and divorced, that they met again and started a relationship.What starts out to be a typical love story is anything but. Over dinner, Cati tells Frederik that she is HIV positive and so is her son.

The scene in which he learns this is perfectly drawn, where his mind is whorling with thoughts and emotions which dissipate in the face of the captivating woman sitting across the table from him.

What follows is a relationship that is intimate, open and honest, made all the more so by Cati’s condition. In fact, Fred questions whether her illness and her bravery for herself and her son makes him love her more, and what that might say about him.

There is a delicate interplay between their relationship and what Fred learns about her illness, the risks it poses and the risks inherent in any intimate relationship.

This is indeed a positive love story.



About the Author:

Misha Stone is a readers' advisory librarian with The Seattle Public Library. Follow her on Twitter at @ahsimlibrarian.

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