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News about ALA's News Source

Three things you need to know about American Libraries. First, they now have their own blog! Called Inside Scoop, here’s how it’s described by editor-in-chief Leonard Kniffel (A Polish Son in the Motherland, 2005):

While I don’t expect to blow the ALA website out of the water with Inside Scoop, I do expect to offer up-to-date commentary and insight into day-to-day life at ALA in ways that our websites, press releases, and publications cannot. Joining me initially in this endeavor will be Associate Editor Greg Landgraf, bringing his perspective from “the lower floors” of what many see as the ALA ivory tower.

Second, American Libraries Direct, AL’s weekly newsletter, used to be available only to ALA members–but no longer. Now you can get it, too, whether you’re an ALA member in good standing, an aspiring member, a lapsed member with good intentions, an intentional non-member, or even a plumber who just enjoys library news.

Third, you can read the print version of American Libraries online–and if you think that’s an oxymoron, take it up with the post-structuralists–if you are a member of one of the above groups, that is to say, if you are a biped with opposable thumbs and access to an internet-connected personal computer. You’ll be heartened to learn, too, that the archives go back to January 2003. Even though you no longer need a log-in, you will probably need a plug-in, but you’ve probably already figured that out and are reading AL instead of this paragraph.



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