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Sucking Blood from Dracula

The Guardian reports that Dacre Stoker, the great-grandnephew of Bram Stoker, will coauthor a sequel to Dracula (“Stoker’s blood relative to bring Dracula back from the undead,” by Alison Flood). As you might expect, there’s a lot of money on offer for both the book and a movie tie-in. But Stoker is motivated by something greater:

“I had seen so many film versions of Dracula and was terribly surprised that very few of the films had any resemblance to Bram’s original novel. Because the novel was so good and had stood up so well over the years, I found it exceedingly sad that all of the trash Hollywood had put out monumentally sullied Bram’s and my family’s literary legacy.”

Stoker later met [coauthor Ian] Holt and the pair decided to work together to resurrect Bram Stoker’s original themes and characters. “Our intent is to give both Bram and Dracula back their dignity,” Stoker said.

A formidable task, but Dacre Stoker has two things in his favor: one, access to Bram Stoker’s handwritten notes on the original Dracula; and, two, his own experience as a writer, which includes . . . coaching the Canadian Olympic pentathlon team?

Still, whether the book sucks or not, it’s already given us something important: a rich source of punny headlines.



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