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Tools of choice

I received a delightful piece of mail today wedged in with fliers about upcoming conferences, my second ALA renewal notice, Demco catalogs, and a flask of window cleaner (Joey the Facilities guy has his mailbox above mine, I always get weird bits of metal and plumbing invoices by mistake).

My favorite book group resource, Reading Group Choices 2009, the 15th anniversary edition, appeared in a spicy red cover with a great photo and plenty of thoughtful suggestions for book group selections.

I have kept every RGC since they went into business and guard them fiercely. They are the handiest little tools for deciding if a book is a good match for any one of the book groups I facilitate. In this edition the editors profiled some of my favorite reads from last year:

Chosen by a Horse: How a Broken Horse fixed a Broken Heart, a touching memoir about three feisty horses and the woman who loves and cares for them.

Interred with Their Bones, a great arcane thriller of a scholar poring over Shakespeare’s plays reading between the lines for clues to various codes that may lead to a long missing play. The Rest of Her Life by Laura Moriarty, a dramatic readalike for groups that can’t get enough Jodi Picoult, Moriarty’s second novel explores the relationship between a mother and daughter after an auto accident involving the daughter takes the life of one of her classmates.

There’s plenty more goodies in this tidy little paperback. Turn to page 175 for a hoot of a list of book group names. Get inspired all over again.



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