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That Is, If "Film Critic" Means "One Who Is Critical of Films"

Know who could have saved the “At the Movies” franchise? Philip Roth. His acerbic takedowns would have filled a gap left empty since the death of Gene Siskel–and, come to think of it, there’s a slight physical resemblance as well. The only drawback? The show would have to limit its focus to adaptations of Roth’s own novels. From the AP (“Philip Roth has no love for movies of his books,” by Hillel Italie):

In a recent interview, Roth was asked what he thought of some of those adaptations, starting with “Elegy,” a reworking of his novel “The Dying Animal” that came out this year and attracted little attention, even though it starred Penelope Cruz.

“I think Penelope Cruz is very good. That’s what I think,” he says, declining further comment.

What about “The Human Stain,” starring Nicole Kidman and Anthony Hopkins and released in 2003?


Portnoy’s Complaint,” a 1972 bomb starring Richard Benjamin and Karen Black?




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