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What’s Up with the Breaking Dawn Haters?


For those of you familiar with Stephenie Meyer’s popular teen vampire series that starts with Twilight, you know they are not high-brow literature.  And that’s exactly why teens and adults love them.

Set in Forks, Washington, the series centers around high school girl Bella Swan and the vampire of her eye, the dashing and chivalrous Edward Cullen, and her best friend and werewolf, Jacob Black, who is is love with Bella and a sworn enemy of Edward and vampires in general.  Pretty nifty love triangle, for sure. Well, even fans have complained about what a weak character Meyer has created in Bella.  A colleague of mine even wrote a brilliant blog post about how to get over your annoyance with Bella by finding some truly kick-ass female characters.

Meyer’s fourth and final book in the Twilight series was much hyped and anticipated, with midnight parties in bookstores and libraries across the country.  And after fans got a chance to dive into the 700+ page book, it became clear that readers either loved or hated it.  The haters were pretty vocal. Now, let me say, I really enjoyed this book. It was a guilty pleasure to begin with, so I didn’t expect much more than that.

Before I continue, be forwarned of SPOILERS!

I totally understand why people are annoyed with Bella–she is a weak female character. But somehow Meyer’s whole world and concept swept me along. I was captivated the whole way. I was worried with this final book that it was going to stay all Mormon-chaste, that Bella and Edward would never get it on and that Bella would never become a vampire. Sure, they wait until they get married, but sex is a predominant theme in this book, which was a bit of a surprise. And about time! But then Bella gets pregnant, which was a twist I did not expect. Aside from a horrific birth scene (which as a proponent for natural, unmedicated birth made me sad–one more generation of girls told in popular culture that birth is unnatural and gruesome–but that’s another story) and some draggy scenes waiting for the Italian vamps to show up, it was a quick, absorbing read.

I don’t really understand what the haters are on about. What exactly did they WANT to have happen? I think Meyer lives up to what she started. It’s not the best series ever written, but I, for one, can’t wait to read The Host or whatever Meyer comes up with next.



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3 Comments on "What’s Up with the Breaking Dawn Haters?"

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  1.' Wendy says:

    Come on guys…this is relxed juvenille fiction! It has ALL of my girls and some of my boys Bella is a perfect example of how adolescents feel at this time in their lives. I know I didn’t become a strong female until much later. I say well done, Stephanie Meyer. She has crafted a fascinating story that has the kids wanting more. She has appealed to the most difficult to please audiences EVER.

  2.' ao says:

    Exactly! Almost all of my (also librarian) friends hated it. I thought it followed the other books and did what it needed to do.

  3.' Liz says:

    I think that Breaking Dawn had the right amoung of happy ever after yet still threw in a few surprises along the way. I read The Host and LOVED IT.

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