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So Much Money, He Can Swim in It

I know it looks as though I’ve taken the week off, but I haven’t. We’re having some esoteric technical problem (although really, aren’t they all?) where, even though users outside the building can see Likely Stories and Book Group Buzz, much of the time we can’t access them at all. And while I could post from home or even an Internet cafe (do they still have those now that everyone can access the Internet from their phones?) it’s been one of those weeks.

The good news is that the September 1 issue is live on Booklist Online, and the new issue of REaD ALERT should be hitting your in-box shortly.

I just wanted to use these few minutes of functionality to let you all know what’s happening, and also to share my excitement at the news that a 23-year-old athlete has gotten $1.6 million to write (or dictate, or pantomime) his life story (“Phelps Pooling the Gold,” by Keith J. Kelly, New York Post). That will certainly help solve the problem of grossly imbalanced advances.

More as the techmology allows.



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