From Darkness to Light

How this book cover:

. . . . turned into this one:


From Publishers Weekly (“Little, Brown’s After the Fire Jacket, Before and After,” by Lynn Andriani):

Editor Geoff Shandler explained: “We had a good response to the type jacket, but there was thought that was it too abstract in some way. When the story is so hopeful in the end, was it too dark—literally?” The new jacket shows the book’s central characters, Shawn Simons and Alvaro Llanos, victims of the fire, walking side by side. One has a friendly hand on the other’s shoulder, and they seem relaxed and happy. “It’s cliché,” said Shandler, “but a picture can help tell a story. The emotional bond between those boys, which is so strong, wasn’t necessarily coming across in the original jacket. Now it does. You have a sense of friendship, of journey. You see them there and see that they have made it.”

(From Dan Kraus, who was correct that I get a kick out of this stuff.)



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