Successful and Still a Student

Even the most successful authors can still learn a thing or two. From The Onion (“Now That I’ve Learned About Foreshadowing, I’m Going To Use It In All Of My Stories,” by John Grisham):

Guess what? There is this really neat literary device I just learned about, and it’s called “foreshadowing.” It’s this thing where, in the beginning of the story, you put in all these little “hints” about stuff that’s going to happen later on. I can’t wait to try it out!

I think the best part about foreshadowing is that it doesn’t come right out and tell everyone what’s going to happen. Instead, it does this thing called “planting a seed” in the reader’s mind, so that the ending will still be a surprise but also seem logical. At least that’s what it said on, which is a really good site with lots of fun tips on writing.

Foreshadowing is awesome.

(Thanks, Mary Fran!)



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