Frey's Reading Is a Riot!

Well, it wasn’t the Hell’s Angels that were the problem, apparently, but still, a recent James Frey book event gave some attendees more than they bargained for (“Crowds Collide,” Page Six):

May 17, 2008 — JAMES Frey – who told Page Six, “I’m trying to break the mold of what readings can be” – had a mini-riot break out at his session Thursday night at Whiskey-a-Go-Go in Hollywood. Six bouncers tried to remove six hooligans who were there more for heavy-metal band Black Tide than to hear him read from his novel “Bright Shiny Morning.” Literary types were horrified as the brawl spilled out to the sidewalk, where it took 20 cops to quell the violence. Three men were arrested.

Word is that no members of Black Tide were injured by disapproving Frey fanatics, although they did endure a severe frowning . . . .



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