And who can't use a laugh on Monday morning?

This really should have been a Friday post, but I hadn’t seen it yet. In a tender, candid reminiscence, an aging Atticus Finch writes, “Honestly, if this book had been written at almost any other time, it would have been pretty damn boring.” From The Onion (“I Would Say ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ Captured The Most Interesting Part Of Our Lives“):

Scout’s gone through some changes of her own. All fairly standard. Back when I was arguing that case, she was so young and spirited. Always fighting for what she thought was right, bless her heart. I thought she’d go to college and get a degree in journalism, like she talked about, but she dropped out of Tulane after a year and moved back to Maycomb and became a waitress.

I guess she was all adventured out after she got knocked down in her ham outfit.



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