My blog was down on April 1st, but I thought this was pretty funny: “Google Book Search now smells better.” I also thought it was pretty funny that Time Out Chicago did a prank issue reporting their sale to Donald Trump–fooling Crain’s Chicago.

One of my fondest memories of falling for a prank: some years ago, NPR did a story about how the Boston Celtics were recruiting some Irish phenom who said he’d sign with the team only if they stopped pronouncing the team name with a soft “c”–and, I believe, sang the national anthem in Gaelic.

Funny how ridiculous stuff can seem believable when it’s delivered with a straight face.



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  1. newrambler@gmail.com' Laura says:

    In 1992 my mother got me to believe that Nixon was running for president. She based it on that year’s NPR joke, but I still haven’t forgiven her.

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