One Book, One Chicago: a genre pick!

The Long Goodbye Cover

My colleague, David Wright, could not wait to share the news yesterday that the “One Book, One Chicago” pick this year is Raymond Chandler’s classic crime thriller, “The Long Goodbye.”  When I saw this I couldn’t help but think of Neil’s last post on genrephobia.  Now an entire city worth of book groups gets to work through their own genrephobia by trying this Chandler on for size.  Very fun.  I cannot wait to hear the results!

 Here is an excerpt from the Chicago Tribune article:

“A writer from the “Outfit Collective,” a group that works to promote Chicago’s crime fiction community, praised the city’s choice to feature a crime fiction book.

“It’s a book with an enormous amount of twists and turns. It will keep you up way past bedtime,” said a writer from the group, Sean Chercove. “Dive in and enjoy the ride.””



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