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Reading Resolutions, Reading Challenges

The librarians in my children’s department made reading resolutions this year and posted them on a bulletin board.  Mine was to read a chapter book with an animal main character each month.   The character must be a different kind of animal than any read about in the previous months.  So far, I’ve read about cats with Erin Hunter’s Into the Wild and mice with Robin Jarvis’ The Dark Portal.  By December, I’m sure I’ll have run through dogs, horses, pigs, rabbits, bats, and I’ll be looking for that perfect book with a llama main character.  If you know a great book with an out of the ordinary animal character that I shouldn’t miss, let me know.

I have always been one to like specific goals and getting to work my way through a list.  Book club seems like a natural time to discuss our reading goals and how we are progressing on them.  I am thinking of next year asking if book club members would like to share reading resolutions and then we can talk about our progress in our monthly meetings throughout the year.  Resolutions could be serious or zany, specific or general.  One mom I know whose daughter devours books made a resolution to read one book her daughter recommended to her each month.  I love that she’s sharing her daughters’ books and giving her daughter the power to pick books for mom.  Another reader I know made the general resolution that she wanted to take time to read more non-fiction.

So, I know I’m not the only one who likes this kind of challenge.  I have become aware of more and more reading challenges/projects in the blogosphere.  They are all over the map – trying to read 6 authors you’ve never read before in three months (, trying to read your way through the alphabet with an author’s last name or book title for each letter (, trying to read all the Newbery award winning kids’ books (,  and even the generic set your own goal Winter Challenge (  

I wondered if other book groups out there are participating in these types of challenges and what your experiences have been with them.



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