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It's a Numbers Game

I keep trying to write a funny caption for this and then feeling as if I’m insulting the taste of millions of readers. Let me just say that I still don’t understand James Patterson’s popularity. Or maybe it stands to reason that, if you publish 12 books per year, you’re 12 times more likely to be checked out of the library than someone who only publishes one book per year. From The Independent (“The author of choice for Britain’s library borrowers“):

He may have been dismissed as a “best-seller factory” who churns out novels at a rapid rate to fill bargain-priced supermarket shelves, but James Patterson is now able to claim that he is British book borrowers’ favourite writer.




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  1. Will Kathie Lee Gifford be inspecting his “writer’s sweatshop” anytime soon?

  2.' Keir says:

    Yeah, forget the striking Hollywood writers–somewhere there’s a corrugated shed full of chained-up scribes waiting to be rescued by…I dunno, Chuck Norris?

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