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Web lunch

There are two things Librarians don’t do on the job. The first is read. Sorry. Gotta dispel that myth right now. And if you still believe that one, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn tucked in the side pocket of my overcoat to sell you.

The second thing Librarians don’t do is take a lunch. Unless we are forced to leave the building in search of the fabled two-martini repast because there are only so many ways we can fix the printers, Internet and fines.

All this is a ’round about way of saying how I spent my “eating work time” in front of the computer sussing out a new website devoted to book groups and the readers who love them.

LitLovers is a one-woman bandwidth of all sorts of great book group related stuff in one place. To be honest, there’s not much on the site that the experienced web trawler hasn’t seen before on reading groups. There’s the usual material: book reviews cobbled from Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, yours truly, and other sources; reading guides with discussion topics that have been lightly reworked from other sites; some book group basics such as how to facilitate wisely and well, how to select books and how to get the conversational ball rolling.

The section of the site I valued most was LitCourse. Ten easy lessons on literature and how to read it for maximum value with an eye towards discussing. Each lesson takes about ten minutes to read completely and a “student” needn’t read the recommended novel or short story to understand the point of each mini-course. There is also information on starting and maintaining children’s and teens’ book clubs.

LitLovers has been up and running since October of 2007. It’s easy to navigate and the text style is chatty and welcoming and substantive. And if you don’t want to talk about it, then shop about it at LitShop.



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