Websites with Book Discussion Questions for Kids’ Books

It can be hard to find discussion guides for children’s books on the web.  With more and more parents taking on the leading of children’s book groups or parent/child book clubs, there is an increasing desire for discussion guides for kids’ books.  Luckily, librarians, publishers and booklovers are making more guides available online.

Here are some of the resources I’ve encountered or used to help brave parent book leaders find discussion questions for children’s books for their clubs.

Multnomah County Library  – Book discussion guides for books selected by librarians to work as group discussion books.  I see titles that would work with 4th – 10th graders., this library created a list of universal questions to ask on any book (in case questions aren’t available for the title you wish to discuss).

Hennepin County LibraryBook discussion guides for books selected by librarians to work as group discussion books.  This is a smaller list than Multnomah with titles ranging in appeal from 3rd to 8th grade level. – Part of The Book Report Network, a commercial group of websites that share book reviews, author profiles and interviews, excerpts of new releases, literary games and contests.  Twenty or so discussion guides to children’s books suited for grades 4th – 8th.  These guides are longer and include page numbers for sections to discuss.

Random House – Publisher Guides. Book discussion guides are organized by grade level with many lower grade level titles which can be hard to find.  This resource has more titles covered than the others.  The guides are designed with teachers in mind and so include curriculum connections along with the discussion questions.

Scholastic – Publisher Guides. Book discussion guides for both popular and award winning titles from this publisher.  The site includes a guide to the Bone graphic novels and the early Harry Potter books.

Powell’s Bookstore – Bookmuse Kids’ Corner. You need to create a username and password to use this resource created by a large online bookstore, but it does have guides to picture books and primary grade level books which can be hard to find (kindergarten to 3rd grade).  You can browse their guides by grade level which is a plus.

The Literary Link – Designed as a resource for teachers, this website features longer discussion guides for books ranging from 5th grade to teen appeal.



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Mary Ellen Quinn is the author of the Historical Dictionary of Librarianship (2014), the former editor of Reference Books Bulletin, and a long-time contributing writer to Booklist.

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  1.' Constance says:

    There is also a book called Teen Book Discussion Groups @ the Library ( has suggestions and examples. I happened to have written it. I would caution against sets of questions that are too much like just regurgitating material from the book. Book discussions should be as little like school as they can be. They should get at what kids think and wonder and should never elicit right or wrong answers.

  2. I’ve started a blog with book discussion questions for grades 2-3 and 4-5. Hopefully it will be useful for parents, teachers, and librarians!

    Hope to start a K-1 group this winter.

  3.' Mary Ellen says:

    Hi, Kate.

    Thanks for telling us about Talkin’ Bout Books. I’ve added a link to your blog from Book Group Buzz.

  4.' Peggy says:

    I know your post is from last year but I am going to go check it out if it is still there. 🙂 I have published a childrens book and am interested in this kind of decussions.
    I have added my website in case you are interested in checking it out.

    Peggy Headings
    (Author of “The Adventures of the Muffin Family”)

  5.' cara says:

    hi, i’m trying to find a discussion guide r test for the book moonsilver. can anyone help me?

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