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That's Funny, There Was a Mountain in My Backyard, Too

The Chicago Sun-Times profiles a small-town boy with big-city ideas (“Small-town boy, big-city ideas,” by Mark Eleveld):

Uptown takes a lot of its character from its bars, buildings and the different crowds — the occasional transient looks like he popped out of a dime store novel, and the bouncers are straight out of Raymond Chandler mysteries. Al Capone owned some of these streets. In the winter, there is that sharp Chicago wind whipping off Lake Michigan that all regard with respect. Uptown is a part of Chicago belonging to the likes of Nelson Algren, Studs Terkel, Mike Royko, Richard Wright, or Sandburg and Dreiser and Farrell. If you don’t know anyone when you first walk these streets, you’ll know someone leaving.



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