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They Say the First 30 Words Are the Most Difficult

A corrective to the notion that aspiring writers have difficulty getting published. (“Faking it: Craigslist becomes a workshop for aspiring writers,” by Andrew Adam Newman, International Herald Tribune):

Craigslist is “a fun place to look when you should be doing something else,” said Debbie Newman, an editor at the gossip blog Jossip who trawls Craigslist for offbeat ads. “If you’re a talented writer and maybe a frustrated one working somewhere like a law firm that limits your day-to-day creativity, you take your opportunities where you can find them.”

Craigslist has advantages over other soapboxes. “You can set up your own blog, but people are not necessarily going to go there,” said Jim Buckmaster, the chief executive of Craigslist. “If you haven’t established an audience, you can do worse than Craigslist.”



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