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What? You thought that the end of the Harry Potter series meant that we could finally stop talking about Harry Potter? Ha!

J. K. Rowling’s recent outing of Albus Dumbledore has puffed a smoldering fire back into flame. Are her ex-post-facto revelations a carefully calculated attempt to prolong the publicity–or proof positive of full-blown logorrhea? (Actually, I’d like to coin the word “authorrhea.”)

Bring on the media overkill!

On Salon (“Dumbledore? Gay. J. K. Rowling? Chatty.“), Rebecca Traister wishes Rowling would shut up, already.

Thanks to Rowling’s loose lips, the Potter universe continues to make news even after its end. In her desire to control and describe it, she’s turning a modern assumption about what authorship means inside out. Whoever said the author was dead sure hadn’t meant Joanne Rowling.

Some Guy with a Website (“Rowling’s Wide Stance“) says, graphically, that fuming fans should get over it.

Author J.K. Rowling takes the initiative in declaring the sexual orientation of one of her beloved characters. This has shocked the fan fiction community, who for so long have assumed it was their right to make their own baseless and unfounded assumptions about fictional characters they had no part in creating.

Radar, getting in the spirit of things, outs some more childhood icons (“Fairy Tales,” by Neel Shah and Paige Ferrari):

Jo March, Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women
A tomboy with a rather unladylike roughness to her character, Jo secured her place in the pantheon of closet cases after rejecting a marriage proposal from ardent young buck Laurie. She also cut off her long hair – her “one beauty” according to the novel – in favor of the DeGeneres bob.

And, of course, you can already buy the T-shirt.
















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  1. OOOOOhhh. SNAP! for the t-shirt!

    In other commentary: R Traister, no, YOU shut up! I like hearing what Rowling sez about her characters.

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