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You Have the Right to Watch This Documentary

I am sworn by law to inform you that hard-working documentarian Dan Kraus (also an associate editor of American Libraries and a frequent Likely Stories tipster) has a new DVD that’s about to “drop” (isn’t that how the kids say it?): Sheriff.

I haven’t seen Sheriff yet–Dan loaned me an old screener and then made me promise to wait until the official release in order that I not be deprived of copious extra footage–but I did just see his most recent film, Musician, in the theater (where it was musically introduced by its subject, Ken Vandermark)–and let me tell you, Dan Kraus is a filmmaker to watch.

(Well, he makes films that you should watch. It would be funny if you watched him and not the movies. Not that he’s hard to look at or anything. OK, now I’m just digging myself deeper.)

What is Sheriff about? It’s about a powerful attorney and the deal he makes with the devil. Just kidding. Here’s a description:

Sheriff Ronald E. Hewett oversees the rural Southern community of Brunswick County, North Carolina. Heading up what used to be a backwards, back-woods department, Hewett strives to maintain order and civility in a region fraught with murder, robbery, and the occasional theft of ceramic lawn ornaments. To accomplish this impossible task, Hewett uses the only tools at his disposal – God, guns, and the hundreds of blood relatives that populate his jurisdiction.

The Onion said it was almost as good as anything Frederick Wiseman ever made. And Booklist liked it too.

Way to go, Dan! When do you sleep?



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