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Steal These Books!

At the recently concluded Frankfurt Book Fair, the books were flying off the shelves–and those taking the books weren’t always paying for them. And the publishers didn’t always mind, either. Why? Because the books that get stolen the most at Frankfurt often end up selling the best in bookstores (“Great News: They’re Stealing Our Books!” by Christel Kucharz, ABC News):

“We don’t know how many books were stolen altogether,” a marketing expert for German publisher Luebbe told ABC News. “But it is fair to say that thousands of books are stolen every year. And, of course, people only steal interesting books, so those books most stolen are likely to be the ones ending up on the best-seller lists.”

Unofficially, the book most stolen may have been Dan Brown’s Diabolus, which is already #2 on Der Spiegel‘s bestseller list. Yes, but where was it before the stealing started?



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