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I can’t seem to leave the New York Times site today. For instance, have you heard of “libel tourism”? Me neither. Rachel Donadio explains (“Libel Without Borders“).

And David Brooks ponders how Jack Kerouac’s On the Road went from being “a burst of rollicking, joyous American energy” to “the book you want to read if you find Sylvia Plath too upbeat” (“Sal Paradise at 50“).

Moving on to the Boston Globe, Anna Badkhen’s description of a decrepit bookmobile reminded me of Ian Sansom’s delightful Case of the Missing Books (“Bookmobiles’ final chapter?“).

And, finally: yes, Virginia, there really are banned books (“Banned Books Week: Self-Congratulatory Hype?” Galleycat).



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  1.' J.S. Peyton says:

    Lovely to hear you call Samson’s novel “delightful.” I received the novel a while ago. I’m excited to get started reading it as soon as I get rid of a few other things on my TBR list.

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