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What's a Mere Eight Years Between Contracted Parties?

There’s a great tradition of authors missing deadlines, although usually the publishers don’t take the authors to court. From The New York Sun (“Biographer Brinkley Sued to Repay Advance on Delayed Kerouac Project,” by Sarah Portlock):

In a rare move by a publishing house, the Penguin Group is suing a prolific biographer for the return of a $200,000 advance on the grounds he didn’t deliver a manuscript by the contracted due date. The author, Douglas Brinkley, was commissioned in 1998 to write a biography of the 1950s “Beat” writer Jack Kerouac in time for the 50th anniversary of his breakthrough 1957 novel “On the Road.” Because Mr. Brinkley was unable to complete the manuscript in time, the Penguin Group filed suit this week in state Supreme Court in Manhattan to wrest back the $200,000 they had advanced to Mr. Brinkley and the Kerouac estate.



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