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A Rare Defeat for Rowling

The favorite author of young British adults? Not J. K. Rowling. From the Guardian (“Dahl beats Rowling as young adults’ favourite author“):

Roald Dahl remains the most popular children’s author among young adults, a survey has found.

JK Rowling, whose first Harry Potter book sparked a publishing sensation when it hit the bookshelves 10 years ago, is only the fourth most popular author.

Second and third place were taken by CS Lewis, author of The Chronicles of Narnia series, and Peter Pan creator JM Barrie.

Note the use of the word “remains.” 

The survey, commissioned by ITV3, defines YAs as ages 16-34. I’m guessing 10-18 might have gotten a different result, but who knows? Jolly good show, Dahl, old boy.



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