Rowling keeps rolling, and so do I

Never one to rest on her considerable laurels, J.K. Rowling is reportedly haunting the coffee shops of Scotland and working on a post-Harry Potter mystery novel.

Never one to rest on my not-quite-so-considerable laurels, I’m heading back to my two blogs and podcast in anticipation of Keir’s imminent return.

I enjoyed seeing him last weekend in Montana, and I’ll continue to enjoy hanging out here in the comments section. But my time on the Likely Stories front page is pretty much done (although I hope to be asked back for future vacation fill-in opining and analyzing). Thanks for reading and commenting.

I’ll leave you with a final thought: Do you think Keir enlisted three guest bloggers in his absence to indicate that he does the work of three people here at Booklist? Whatever the reason, it’s been a pleasure to share this space with two fun and compelling voices. These two weeks have flown by too fast.

Now to get caught up on all those reviews I owe Bill…



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  1. Keir says:

    Curse you, Frank, you always see through my nefarious plans! And I thought I was being so subtle….

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