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Saturday Book Suggestions

Two books to consider:

Rengen by Patricia Martin

Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Besides having a flat-out fantastic name, Patricia Martin’s book explores a very interesting idea about a cultural shift in America: the creation, rise, and influence of a cultural consumer.

… individuals who are hungry for innovative ideas and ways to express them… a cultural movement that is being created by the confluence of art, science, education, popular entertainment, and business.

You can see her theory echoing on college campuses, in libraries and bookstores, and on public TV and public radio. You can see it in practice with Apple products and Google’s ever expanding suite of applications. It is fascinating reading.

In Natural Born Charmer, Susan Elizabeth Phillips has written a near perfect romance novel. Fans of the genre will be enchanted with the story of Blue Bailey and Dean Robillard and their sweetly sexy courtship. Filled with strong secondary characters who grow more appealing on every page, nice details about restoring and decorating a house, and a plot that simmers along with huge doses of humor and tenderness, the novel is simply delightful. Readers who want to try romance should look no further for a contemporary novel to try. Chick-lit fans should discover Ms. Phillips (as well as Jennifer Crusie – start with Bet Me) and those romance fans who have somehow missed her, should head out the library and put on hold the other books in this loosely connected series: It Had to be You, Heaven, Texas, Nobody’s Baby but Mine, Dream a Little Dream, This Heart of Mine, and Match Me if You Can.



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