The week's other bookish movie books nearly a million

While “The Bourne Ultimatum” was busy raking in $70 million over the weekend, the Jane Austen-inspired “Becoming Jane” was not without its (minor) appeal. As E! Online put it:

“On the art-house circuit, the Jane Austen-story-as-chick-lit effort… made a spunky $972,066 at 100 theaters.”

The Rotten Tomatoes roundup of critical comment gives the film a 59 percent positive rating. But even many of the positive reviews give off a so-so vibe, such as this one from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

“The movie is eminently watchable: The production values are blue-chip, the script is often funny and cute, [star Anne] Hathaway is reasonably charming and the supporting cast — especially Julie Waters (as her mother) and Maggie Smith (as the village grand dame) — is strong.”

I refuse to accept the critical judgment of anyone who would deem Hathaway “reasonably charming,” however, when she is clearly high up on the “unreasonably charming” scale…



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