But will he continue to star in "Shark"?

In a big transaction after the waiver deadline, literary critic James Wood has been called up from his longtime Triple A team, the New Republic, to the New Yorker’s major-league club, the New York Times reports:

“In some literary circles, Mr. Wood has been described as a brutal critic who has debunked many of the country’s most admired writers, including Don DeLillo, Toni Morrison and Thomas Pynchon. Others regard him as one of the most respected critics of his generation.

“He famously coined a phrase to describe what he abhors in modern fiction: ‘hysterical realism,’ which refers to a style of writing that features rampant caricature, absurd plots and prose and hyper references to popular culture combined with didactic social commentary.”

I suspect he will not soon be providing any cover blurbs for Jason Starr.

The story includes a wry sendoff to Wood from Leon Wieseltier, New Republic literary editor:

“The New Republic plays many significant roles in American culture, and one of them is to find and to develop writers with whom The New Yorker can eventually staff itself.”

And here I thought Booklist was the first step on that path to greatness. Drop me a line, Leon. We should talk.



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  1. Keir says:

    “I suspect he will not soon be providing any cover blurbs for Jason Starr.”

    Ouch! But on the mark. I like how, even when I’m on vacation, Likely Stories still has the same stance on Starr.

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