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Although we live in an era of increasingly cordial literary sparring, there are signs that this could change. From Galleycat (“The Ames/Davidson Literary Fight night“):

Last night, around 250 people packed Gleason’s Gym in Dumbo to watch a boxing match. Vegas it may not have been, but the roar that went up in the crowd when Jonathan “The Herring Wonder” Ames‘s name was announced in the ring certainly came close to deafening my ears. Ames, previously 1-4 in boxing bouts, had spent the last few weeks training at Gleason’s for the bout against Canadian author Craig “The Crippler” Davidson, who’d fought poet Michael Knox last fall when the Canuck edition of THE FIGHTER was released and had come to New York – fitter and leaner even since BEA – to promote the American edition published by Soho Press.

OK, so this is a manufactured trend piece. And the fight in question took place not to settle a difference of opinions but to promote a book. Still, a bespectacled editor can dream, can’t he?



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