British Poets Need Our Pennies

From the Guardian (“Forward prize shortlists look to youth and experience,” by John Ezard):

Britain’s richest poetry awards today choose by far the youngest poet in their history as a finalist for their most sought-after prize. He is Luke Kennard, 26, whose book of verse The Harbour Beyond the Movie is shortlisted for the £10,000 Forward prize for the year’s best collection.

That’s their richest poetry prize? Even considering the strength of the pound against the dollar, we Yanks have them beat by a mile. And they say we don’t appreciate culture.



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  1. Where riches are concerned, British poetry presses can outdo anyone in the poverty stakes. Hell, we invented penury. Great news for Luke, though. He deserves the £10K, it should clear his student loan.

  2.' Rob says:

    There’s no money in British poetry, that’s for sure. But there is talent and it certainly deserves more financial appreciation. I’m sure anyone reading this who goes on to purchase one of the books listed for the Forward Prize might derive satisfaction from having offered a poet enough cash in royalties to buy him/her a meal for the evening. If anyone wants to purchase my chapbook as well (see my blog), I’ll be very grateful, and it will buy my wife and I a half-pint of Guinness each.

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