Bankruptcy for BookPeople (TM)

BookPeople (TM) who follow book news have no doubt seen some headlines about the bankruptcy of Publishers Group West. And, like good BookPeople (TM), they probably didn’t read past the headlines, figuring that the business of books doesn’t concern them. True, many of the Publishers Weekly articles were a bit on the dry side. But Salon (“The Struggle for Independents,” by Priya Jain) has put together an overview that explains the thing in terms even we BookPeople (TM) can understand. Look especially for the colorful quote by Soft Skull’s irrepressible Richard Nash, which is too colorful to reprint in a family blog.

(OK, I know this isn’t a “family blog,” but I love the way newspaper columnists always refrain from quoting colorful language by noting that they write for a “family newspaper,” as if Little Billy really reads the political columns looking for “swears.”)



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