Christmas Black and Easter Dawn

I’m almost done with Blonde Faith, the new Walter Mosley — it’s an Easy Rawlins, not a Sexistential novel — and it strikes me again how unique his character names are. Easy (Ezekiel Rawlins) and Mouse (Raymond Alexander) are part of the mystery-lover vernacular by now, of course, but with supporting characters, Mosley likes to get a little out there. There’s Easy’s adopted kids, Jesus (“Juice”) and Feather, and so many more. For your consideration:

Joguye Cham

Chevette Johnson

Porky the Pimp

LaTerry Klegg

Easter Dawn Black

Christmas Black

Pericles Tarr

Saul Lynx

Hannibal Orr

Leafa Tarr

Gara Lemmon

Jackson Blue

Mel Marvel

Charles Mung

Tourmaline Goss

Faith Laneer

Let me be clear that I like his character names. Not like a guy named Keir could say anything, anyway.

Update: How could I forget Pretty Smart and Faith Neverman?



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