Somebody Wasn't Singing "Happy Birthday"

Well, even though the skies turned blue yesterday, I never did see any skywriting. And leave it to The Weekly Standard (“Wrong for 95 Years,” The Scrapbook) to rain on Studs’ parade:

But does a bilious radio DJ who turns a tape recorder on and off, and hires somebody to type up the transcripts, qualify as a “historian,” even an “oral” historian? And while we’re impressed by Studs’s longevity, and love skywriting, it’s worth pointing out that 74 of those 95 years were spent extolling the virtues of the Soviet Union, in print and on the air, at the expense of Studs’s native country.

Most of us will remember him for extolling the virtues of working-class Americans, a group The Weekly Standard isn’t too well acquainted with.

Frankly, I think they miss the blacklist.



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