Happy Birthday, Studs

Studs Terkel (my neighbor, even though he doesn’t know it) is 95 years old today. His publisher is trying to organize the biggest cross-country party in history. Right here in Chicago they’ve hired a skywriter to — literally — laud him to the skies. It’s been cloudy all morning, but it looks like it might clear up just in time. I’ll have to poke my head out the window and let you know how it goes.



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  1. Donna Seaman says:

    Thanks, Keir, for your Happy Birtday to Studs post, and the link to that birthday greetings site. I was remembering the ALA Conference program in Chicago a few years back when I had the honor of moderating a panel with Studs, Sara Paretsky, and Alex Kotlowitz. I was worried that Studs wouldn’t be able to hear well enough to participate easily, but he is so attuned to people, and to the architecture of conversation, he knew exactly what was being discussed and where everyone was headed. It was an incredible rush to sit next to him before a large, loving audience. The applause for Studs, especially after he spoke about librarians as champions of freedom, was so powerful it put me in an altered state.

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