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Yes, but what do you really think?

From Galleycat (“Cussler Ripped on Stand by Screenwriter“):

The LA Times’ Glenn Bunting continues to report the juiciest news from the longrunning, torturous saga that is the Clive Cussler/Philip Anschutz civil trial. Today’s tidbit? That screenwriter Robert McKee (who had his moment in the sun in ADAPTATION berating Nicolas Cage‘s character for a crappy script) erupted on the stand while talking about Cussler’s screenwriting attempts. “I mean, I cannot overstate how terrible the writing is,” McKee testified. “It is flawed in every way writing can be flawed.”

Of course, despite his insane success as a screenwriting teacher, McKee’s own talent as a writer can easily be called into question, as Ian Parker did so diplomatically in The New Yorker (“The Real McKee“).




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