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Can't we disagree agreeably?

I’m glad that we in the bookblogosphere are more civil than those in the techblogosphere and other online neighborhoods. From the Guardian (“Howls of protest as web gurus attempt to banish bad behavior from the blogosphere,” by Ed Pilkington):

Perhaps it was inevitable. When two leading internet pioneers came together this week to propose a set of guidelines that would filter out offensive and abusive comments from blogs, they were met by a torrent of offensive and abusive comments.

While I agree that discourse should be civil, I don’t think there’s any need to adopt a code and display yet another icon (reading “civility enforced” or “anything goes”). Let’s let common sense be our guide here. While I welcome contradictory opinion here at Likely Stories, if anyone crosses the line into abuse or obscenity — or threats — I’ll delete it.

Monitoring content on your own blog is not the same as censorship. It’s the equivalent of being an editor who decides which letters to the editor deserve to be published, which is a perfectly acceptable practice for newspapers and magazines and thus perfectly acceptable to me.

Anyone who feels left out can start their own blog. Where I can attempt to leave abusive comments.

I’m kidding, people. Only kidding.



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