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Calder Calls It Quits

Publishing legend John Calder is calling it a day. From The Scotsman (“Scots literary lion who didn’t wait for Beckett“):

HE HAS published some of the most avant-garde writers in literary history, scandalised the establishment and escaped brushes with the law. But now John Calder, Scotland’s greatest publisher and an enfant terrible of the Swinging Sixties, is retiring and cashing in copyrights that could earn him millions.

Interestingly, most of the places that are picking up this story are also focusing on the cash that Calder can earn with his copyrights. Also, perhaps, ironically:

He also speaks of modern publishing with some contempt: “When I was young, publishing companies were run by people with editorial knowledge and experience, who could read things and make up their minds on what was good or otherwise.

“But now, it’s the accountants and marketing people who make the decisions, caring for nothing but money.”



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